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The Four Best Ways to Get Rid of Tangles in Your Hair!

You step out of the shower and attempt to brush your hair only to find yourself struggling with a slew of tangles and your hair tearing out onto the brush. 
Sounds familiar? 

Many women have hair that is prone to tangles or don’t properly take care of their hair to prevent tangles. What’s great is that hair knots are a preventable hair woe and one that is relatively easy to fix.

1.    Brushing 

The first step you want to take in easing your tangle situation is making sure to brush your hair often. 

But only upping the frequency of your brushing is not enough, you need to make sure to use the right kind of brush as well. If you’re one of those people whose hair tangles easily or you find it matted the moment you step into the shower, try using the Michel Mercier Detangling Care Brush and feel the difference. 

The reason why they work better than traditional brushes is because of their unique geometric distribution of bristles of varying widths and heights that place dispersed pressure on the hair while brushing, allowing quick detangling, reduced hair loss and breakage. Its rounded bristles gently massage the scalp while brushing, stimulating blood circulation, strengthening and adding shine to the hair.

This brush was developed to suit the needs of fine, normal and thick hair because using the right brush for your hair type will allow faster and easier detangling, with no pain.

2.    Conditioning

The next step is making sure you condition your hair well. Softer, silkier hair has a harder time knotting itself into tangles, so the more you condition the less tangles you’ll have! 
Try using a detangling conditioner for best results. 

3.    Going the Extra Mile

You may feel like washing, brushing and conditioning your hair is enough maintenance, but if you truly suffer from tangled hair you want to go that extra mile and use additional products. 
The best thing to add to your hair regimen is a high quality hair serum that will ensure your hair stays silky smooth at all times and therefore tangle free! 

4. Sleepy Tangles

If you have knotted hair you may have noticed that when you wake up in the morning your tangle situation is much worse than it is during the day. The reason for this is that when you toss and turn in your sleep you are creating even more tangles. 
To combat this problem, try sleeping with your hair in a bun. This way, when you wake up your hair will be secure in a bun and completely tangle free!