Our Story

As any woman, man or child will know, it only takes a gust of wind, a brief shower or a session at the gym to turn brushing hair into an ordeal. Tugs follow painful pulls, hair falls, and ends split. It really is no wonder that children flee at the mere sight of a brush!

Internationally acclaimed hair stylist Michel Mercier was first struck by these problems whilst brushing the hair of his 12 year old daughter who, like many other girls, would show visible discomfort during the process.

Aware that this discomfort was not confined children alone, Michel set about creating a brush that would make daily brushing a more pleasant experience and less damaging to hair. Combining creativity and innovative thinking with vast experience in solving the hair care problems of both men and women, Michel came up with this ground breaking brush.

Michel Mercier brushes are available in both adults and girls colour-coded models to suit the different hair types: fine, normal and thick.

The brushes offer the following benefits:

  • Quick Detangling
  • Pleasant Brushing Experience
  • Reduced hair loss& breakage