Hi from Adelaide, South Australia! I just bought one of your brushes for my 6 year old daughter and OMG it’s the best brush I’ve ever used!!! She has very long curly hair and we both dread brushing her hair but now even she is surprised that it doesn’t hurt at all!!! Thank you for such a brilliant brush!!

Michelle Petkovic


WOW WOW WOW, just purchased a detangling hair brush for thick hair from Big W in Australia. I am BEYOND impressed. My little daughter has very tight curls and this is the FIRST time I have ever in her four years, brushed her hair without her saying it hurt! Amazing product!!! THANK YOU!!!

Nicole Davis

I don't normally write reviews, but I have a 9 year old daughter, who is bi-racial, and has tight coiled curls. Brushing her hair is a nightmare. It normally takes about 3 hours to get through the tangles. We've tried combs, brushes, conditioners, sprays, oils you name it but it's always ended up the same way, my baby girl in pain and crying, and me in tears because it was breaking my heart to see her like this, and the longer her hair got, the more tangles she had, and the tangles would start to dread up.

She cried just hearing we had to wash her hair, after washing, her hair would be 1 big connected knot. I looked up everything I could do to help her. I came across your brush so I bought it! And I have to tell you, it's AMAZING!!!!  It goes through her tangles painlessly. I was shocked!!! We even cut the brush time in half! I can not tell you how thankful I am for this brush. It has changed our lives! Yes a brush changed our life. When I don't see her in pain, eyes all red and puffy from crying or a giant pile of hair on the floor after brushing it, that's a change, a positive one! You've made one little girl so much happier!!!!


Thank you Michel Mercier, I just purchased your Blue Detangling hair brush, best thing I ever did, such a great product.


Your details brush is amazing. I am 45 with long fine hair that tangles every moment of the day. If I ever wear it out and down it tangles within an hour and by the end of a day it would be a bird nest. This brush has changed my attitude to wearing it out. I now am happy to wear my hair down as I can easily untangle each day. Thank you. This is not just for kids. All women with long hair NEED this brush.


Hi, I don't normally give feedback on any products I buy, however I need to express my JOY as the Detangling Brush (thick)  not only works but has changed my life, sounds dramatic but I'm eternally grateful. Thanks Again.


Hi there, my name is Tammy and I have a 2 year old daughter with unruly, curly hair that drives me crazy. She cries everytime I go near her with a normal brush. So today I was at my local health food store and this 'brush' caught my eye. I figured why not and bought it. Sceptical and unsure I showed my toddler. She looked scared and started to run. I got the brush in her hair and it glided through and lo and behold, no tantrum. No tears, nothing. I snagged a knot here and there but still no whingeing to be heard. I am just writing this email to say "THANKS SOOOO MUCH". This product has made hairbrushing a pleasant experience for her (and me).


Hello, So I have just tried your ‘detangling’ brush on my little girl’s very long hair last night, and THANK YOU! Finally my dreams have been answered however did you know?

Sally is 7 years old, always had long hair and I tell you it would break my heart every time I brushed it. I tried so many too.

I was at the chemist yesterday at the P.O.S and your display caught my eye. As I am forever on the lookout for a good brush I just grabbed one quite hastily (and quite sceptically) and threw it along with my other items.

I get home, tried it and jumped for joy. It actually works and I just wanted to Thank you.

Thank you Michel for your efforts in producing this brush. I understand fully why you did it and I cannot tell you the joy I feel. Sally did not even know I was brushing her hair! I just have to convince my 4 year old to let me try it on her hair. I shall persist!

Ok I think I have gushed enough, but I will always tell someone when I appreciate something they have done.


I wanted to give a testimonial about my Michel Mercier Brush for thick hair.  At first I was not impressed and thought I had wasted my money.  Today I decided to try it to comb out my just washed hair.  It’s nothing short of a miracle!  I usually spend about 20 minutes combing out my long thick hair after shampooing.  With this brush I combed it  through with no tangles in less than a minute.  And it hardly pulled out any hair!  Usually I get handfuls of hair when I comb through it wet.  I’m not losing any hair, my hair is very healthy, but each time I shampooed it I was combing out lots of it.   So thank you for this amazing product.


Wow !!

This is the best brush ever.

I needed this brush 60 years ago.

I am so glad this brush does not pull on my hair, break off my hair, and totally detangles.

Thank you so much for inventing this brush!!

I have thick curly hair and as a child when my mother would brush my hair it was very painful. If I had this brush it would have been so much bettter.

I can not stop raving about it.!!

Thank you so much