Michel Mercier

Michel Mercier Ltd. is a leading company in the field of hair care. The combination of creativity and innovative thought coupled with vast experience gives a solution to the problems of hair care for both men and women alike.
The Company develops, produces and sells a large variety of hair products: a line for special hair brushes for tangled hair that is marketed locally and throughout the world. These brushes were developed by the Company’s R&D team, led by Michel Mercier, and emphatically make brushing one’s hair a much pleasanter task and significantly lessen the painful pulling out of hair and continuous harm to the hair and scalp. These brushes are protected by a world patent and recently won qualitative prestigious prizes.

Hair care products and a line of unique hair colours.

Michel Mercier owns a number of hair salons all over the country, whereby the Company is able to keep in direct contact with its clientele and glean valuable knowledge regarding their requirements.
This information is passed on to Michel Mercier’s R&D Dept., where the elite professionals work vigorously at developing flawless solutions to meet the requirements of its clientele. An efficient flow of information, as well as a quick response of the Company in integrating new and professional ideas brought about an abundance of unique patents and put Michel Mercier in the fore.

Michel Mercier Co. was established by Michel Mercier, inventor, stylist and expert in the field of beauty and esthetics. Michel, born in France, started to deal with hairdressing already in his youth, studied the subject at the best of schools in London and Paris and worked in leading chains in the field of hairdressing in these cities, such as: Jean Loui, David Claude, Maxim. Michel Mercier worked in London as an instructor in the Vidal-Sassoon chain and counseled several leading companies, such as Proctor & Gambel and L’Oreal, mainly in the R&D of new products in the field of hair.

According to Michel Mercier “Hair, and especially women’s hair, is one of my great loves. That is why I decided to focus on this field and develop it in a variety of channels”.

Michel Mercier’s headquarters are located in Ramat Hachayal, in the heart of the hi-tech district, Israel’s R&D. In these headquarters a team of professionals diligently work at developing the world of research of hair, beauty and esthetic products.